Custom profile fields

You can easily create a range custom fields to collect specific information from members. Choose if members are able to view and edit these fields or if they are visible only to administrators.

Video tutorial: Custom profile fields

Click on the gear icon to open the Configuration and Settings menu.

In the menu on the left, click Profiles > Custom Fields.

A screen appears showing a list of custom fields, click the Add New Field button.

The New Field screen will appear, enter the name of your field in the Label box.

IMPORTANT: There is a 250 character limit for field labels.

Select the profile tab you want the field to appear on.

Select the type of field you wish to create. The following field types are available:

  • Single line text

  • Text area

  • Radio button

  • Checkbox

  • Single select dropdown

  • Multi select dropdown

  • Date

  • File attachment, max file size is 1MB (Attachments can be downloaded from the profile)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to conflict between the eWay library and the multi-select library (used to render multi select form fields), multi select drop downs are currently unavailable for associations using the eWay payment gateway. Where multi select dropdown is selected for field, the selections will be rendered as a checkbox list.

The following field types allow you to add multiple options:

  • Radio Button

  • Check Box

  • Select Single

  • Select Multi

Once you have selected one of these field types, you can add the different options.

Add the option label into the Option 1 field and click Add Option if you need to add another. t's up to you how many options you wish to add for each field.

Set what order the field will show on-screen by entering a number into the Display Order box. Custom fields will display below standard fields.

Set the user access to the field by checking the boxes on the right side of the screen.

Click the Save New Field button.