Merge / delete profiles

This function allows you to merge/delete any unwanted profiles.

Search for the profile you wish to remove and open it.

On the profile, click Other > Merge / Delete Profile.

IMPORTANT: Merging this profile into another profile will DELETE this profile. Once deleted it cannot be retrieved.

On merge, the following information will be moved from the source profile to the destination profile.

  • Invoices

  • Profile Group inclusions

  • Forum topic subscriptions

  • Forum replies

  • CPD activity logs

  • Profile Directory inclusions

  • Membership renewal records

  • Membership applications

  • Profile interactions

  • Event registrations

All other information linked to this profile will be lost and cannot be retrieved.

At the bottom of the screen you can see the Merge Profiles box, in the Merge This Profile Into field enter the search details of the profile you want to merge into and select the relevant profile from the list of search results.

Click on the Merge button

You will now be taken to the profile you merged into.