Passwords and website access

When setting passwords we encourage all users to use strong or very strong passwords. This is particularly important for administrator accounts with generic email addresses (members@, admin@) and for administrators who have the ability to export profiles.

Passwords are not viewable by administrators. Should a password need to be reset, users enter the email address linked to their profile and a reset link is sent directly to them.

Administrator passwords need to be reset every 6 months.

User password reset

Users can reset their password at any time by clicking the Reset Password link on the login screen.

Where there are multiple profiles with the same password, users will be advised to contact an administrator.

Administrator resetting user passwords

While we strongly urge you to encourage users to reset their own passwords, if a user is unable, or unwilling to do so, administrators can reset passwords for them.

Once you are viewing the relevant profile, select Website Access from the profile menu.

Click the Reset User's Password button.

Enter the new password and click the Reset Password button when done.


The reset password process has been designed so that when a user enters their email address to reset a password, the system first checks if there is an individual profile associated with that email address.

If there is an individual profile with that email, a reset password email will be sent to that address. If there is no individual profile associated with that email address then the system will check for an organisation profile, and if there is an organisation profile the reset password email will be sent.

If there is both an individual and organisation profile with the same email address, then the reset password email will be sent only to the individual profile.

Ideally, individual and organisation profiles have different email addresses attached to them. Like other modern software products, Membes is designed to utilise the email address as a unique identifier for a profile.

For this reason, it is strongly encouraged to use different email addresses on the individual and organisation profiles. Generally, most companies have a generic email address such as info@ or admin@ that can be used.

Access website as member

You can access the website as a member to view the same information a member sees on the screen.

Once you are viewing the relevant profile, select Website Access from the Profile menu on the left.

Click the Login to Website as This User button.

You will be taken to the website where you will be able to see exactly what the member sees.

When you have finished, ensure you click the Logout From button. If you do not logout you will not be able to use the administration system.