Payment plan

If you have enabled a Pinch merchant account, you can give your members the option to pay their membership in instalments either via direct debit from their bank account or recurring credit card payments.

A payment plan can also be created manually via their profile if required, for example if a member is experiencing financial distress and cannot pay the entire membership fee at once.

IMPORTANT: The Pinch console should only be used for reporting purposes. It cannot be used to create payment plans.

Any payment plans created in the Pinch console will not be visible within Membes and may result in your members being charged multiple times.

View payment plan

On a profile go to Other > Payment Plan.

If there is an active payment plan, the details will be displayed on the screen.

Edit payment plan

The payment plan details can be updated or deleted at any time by clicking on the Actions button.

Create a manual payment plan

To create a payment plan manually, click on the arrow to view the form.

Enter the relevant details into the form and click Save Plan.

An invoice will be emailed to the user each time a payment is processed.