Profile groups

Profile Groups are a private group portal or forum that allows groups, such as a board or other committees, to exchange information and ideas in a private and secure environment.

  • Only members of the group can access it and they must be logged in to do so

  • Discussions can be accessed from anywhere, on any device

  • Create as many groups as needed, you set who can access which groups via their Profile

  • Members of the group can upload and access files relating to their group

  • A group specific events calendar which displays private group events

Create and manage Profile Groups

In the menu on the left, click Profile Groups.

Click the New Group button.

Enter the details of the new group in the pop-up screen and click Save Group.

Groups can be edited or deleted at any time using the action buttons on the right.

Add members to a Profile Group

Members of a profile group are added manually by an administrator directly from their profile.

Search for the profile to be added to a group.

From the profile screen, click on the Groups button.

In the pop-up window find the appropriate group and set the profile to Member or Administrator, the selection will be highlighted green.

Member - a member of a group can view and post topics to the discussion forum and add documents to the file repository.

Administrator - a group administrator can upload and remove documents from the file repository as well as viewing and posting topics to the discussion forum.

Member's access to profile groups

Your members access the profile groups they've been assigned to via your website.

Create a module page in the CMS, selecting Groups Portal as the module.

The member then goes to that page, where they will see a dropdown menu with a list of the profile groups they've been assigned to.

Once the appropriate group has been selected, the member will be able to view the events, discussions, files and members associated with that group.

Profile group events

To create a private event that can only be viewed by members of that profile group, create an event as usual.

In the Event Type field, select Group from dropdown menu.

The Group field will appear underneath, and from there select the relevant Profile Group the event is to be allocated to.

Proceed with completing your event set up as per usual.