Profile relationships

Profile relationships can help track members and profiles that have a connection to each other. For example, a company and its employees.

Video tutorial: Profile relationships

Create relationship type

Click on the gear icon to open the Configuration and Settings menu.

In the menu on the left, click Profiles > Interaction Types.

Click on the New Relationship Type button.

Give the Relationship a name, and enter relevant labels for the Parent and Child eg. the Relationship is called Organisation and the Parent label is Employer and the Child label Staff.

Relationship settings

Viewing and/or editing parent and child profiles

Select whether or not you would the like the Parent and Child to be able to view and edit each other's profiles. Keep in mind, if given access to this they will be able to view and/or edit the personal information on an individual's profile so selecting Yes for this option may not always be appropriate.

Child inherits membership status

Select whether or not the Child in the Relationship should inherit the Membership Status and Paid Through of the Parent profile.

For example, if your association offers an organisation level membership that gives individual staff members the same membership rights such as attending events for free and access to member only areas on your website.

If you select Yes, the membership for the Child profile will be valid as long as the Parent profile maintains their membership.

IMPORTANT: The relationship status inheritance flows from the parent profile to the child profile and is triggered when a change to the parent profile is saved. If the child profile hasn’t updated, make a change to the parent profile and save it to trigger the membership status inheritance.

Child receives parent renewal notices

When creating a relationship you can nominate the Child profile of that relationship to receive the renewal notices of the Parent profile.

If you select Yes, the renewal notice for the Parent profile will be emailed to the Child profile.

For example, if an association offers an organisation level memberships and the renewal notice needs to be directed to a particular person. You can create a Profile Relationship called Organisation Contact, with the Parent label of Organisation Name and the Child label of Primary Contact. By setting Child Receives Parent Renewal Notices to Yes, any renewal notices generated for the organisation's membership will be directed to that individual.

Adding a relationship to a profile

Go to the profile that you want to add a relationship to.

Once you are viewing the relevant profile, select Relationships from the profile menu.

Go to Create New Relationship.

From the Relationship Type box select the relationship parent/child you want to link the profile to.

In the Link To box, click and search for the profile you wish to link to.

In the Direction box, select if the relationship is to be a parent or child.

Click Save Relationship.

A list of the relationships can be displayed on the screen showing whether the profile is a parent or child of the relationship type. Click on the arrows to expand each relationship.