Archiving profiles

The archive facility is available for storing profiles where you don’t wish to completely remove them from your database (via the Merge/Delete function), but you wish to deactivate them so they don’t contribute toward the total number of profiles that your monthly licence fee is calculated on.

There is a small fee to archive a profile and this will automatically be added to your monthly invoice. The current fee can be viewed on the Archive Profile tab.

Archiving a profile

On the profile you wish to archive, go to Other > Archive Profile.

On the archive screen, click the Archive Profile button. You will be asked to confirm you wish to archive the profile.

IMPORTANT: The following information will be deleted from the profile and cannot be retrieved:

  • Membership type and status

  • Profile Group memberships

  • Relationships to other profiles

  • Inclusion in Profile Directories

  • Reference to Xero contact


Viewing a list of archived profiles

In the menu on the left click View/Export Data > Archived Profiles.

A table listing all archived profiles will be displayed on the screen, a search box is located in the top right corner of the table to assist in finding a specific profile.

Restoring a profile

To return a profile to your database, click the Restore button.

Note that restored profiles will count toward your monthly licence fee.