Website forms

This area of the CMS allows you to create and publish forms to your site for users to submit information via email.‌

Create form

From the menu on the left, select Website Forms.

Create a new form by clicking the New Form button.‌

Add in the title of your form, which email address you want the submissions sent to and what message you would like to appear on the screen once the form has been submitted.‌

Enter the name of the website form.

Enter the email address where you would like details of the submitted form sent to.

Add the message you wish to be displayed on-screen once the form is submitted.

Add fields to your form by dragging and dropping them from the right hand side of the screen. You can choose from the following field types:‌

  • Single line text

  • Multi-line text

  • Radio buttons or checkboxes

  • Dropdown menu selection

  • File upload

  • Date field

  • Submit/cancel buttons

You can also add heading text and paragraphs for explanatory text.

IMPORTANT: If your form includes multiple file upload fields, a maximum of 10mb of files can be uploaded across multiple fields.

Add and edit fields‌

Adjust the way you would like your field to display by adding a field label to the Label Text box ie. Name. Insert placeholder text or instructions into the Placeholder box ie. Insert name here.‌

Each field can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right of the field box.

  • If the field must be completed before submitting the form check the Required box.‌

  • Enter the form field name in the Label field.

  • Enter placeholder text such as Enter Your Name into the Placeholder field.

  • Edit the field details:

    • If it is a text field, enter the maximum number of characters that can be entered.

    • If it is a radio, checkbox or select dropdown add the required options.

Submit button

Add a Submit button to your form by dragging a button field onto your form.

So that your form can be submitted, ensure you change the button Type to Submit.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t change the button type to Submit, your form won’t work

Click the Save button.‌

Add the form to your website

Once you have created your form and are ready to add it to your site for users to complete, go to the main Website Forms list and click the Actions button. Select Add to Website from the dropdown.‌

In the box that appears click the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the form code.‌

With the code copied, go to CMS > Manage Pages > Inner Pages and locate the page you want your form to appear on and open it.‌

In the Page Content box, paste the form code and save the changes.‌

When you view the page on your website now you will see the form ready to be completed by users.‌

View form submissions

‌To view the form submission go to the main forms list and locate the form you wish to view submissions for.‌

Click on Actions > View Submissions.‌

You will see a list of form submissions on screen. You can also export the list of submission to Excel by clicking on the Export to Excel button.