Miscellaneous pagelets

The Miscellaneous Pagelets are used to customise the wording used for various areas of your site and after certain actions have been taken.

Miscellaneous pagelets are available for the following areas:

  • Invoice - Payment Instructions

  • Employment Submission - TnCs

  • Employment Submission - Confirmation

  • Header Byline

  • Footer Top Section

  • Footer Bottom Section

  • Discussion Forum - TnCs

  • Join Complete - Paid

  • Join Complete - Pending

  • Join Complete - No Payment

  • Renewal Complete - Paid

  • Renewal Complete - Pending

  • Event Registration Complete - Paid

  • Event Registration Complete - Pending

To edit the text in the Pagelets, from the menu on the left select Inner Pages > Miscellaneous Pagelets.

To edit your selected Pagelet, click the arrow to expand the content box.

Pagelets use the same content editor as other areas of the CMS. If you wish to add complex formatting, you can edit your content directly in the source code.

Once you have added the relevant information click the Save Pagelets button.