Home page

Manage the content displayed on your website's home page.

Video tutorial: Home page overview

Video tutorial: How to manage the home page

From the menu on the left, select Manage Pages > Home Page.

Page Details

In the Page Details box, type Home into the Page Title and Menu Text fields. You can choose to name your Home Page something else, however Home is the industry standard.


Home page teasers are used to highlight different modules within your website, such as upcoming events or discussion forum topics.

First, expand the teaser settings by clicking the arrow icon on the right.

Enter the number of items for each module you wish to display on the Home Page and select the module page to link to.

You can click and drag each item to rearrange the order they appear on your website.

‌Next set the layout by choosing whether to display the teasers as the default list option, image carousel or tiled layout.

If using an image carousel layout, any images must be 360px wide x 200px high.

‌A tiled layout will display the heading over a maximum of 2 lines and any introductory text over a maximum of 3 lines. Where a promo image is added, it will display as the background of the tile.

You can also choose to display a Promo Panel or Component above or to the left or right of the teasers. To do this, select the relevant item from the Promo dropdown and then select the position from the dropdown.

‌Content Blocks

Video tutorial: Using the content editor

‌Blocks of HTML content can be added to your Home Page, any information entered into the Content box will appear below the main banner and above any Teasers. Information in the Content 2 box will appear below the Teasers and above the Footer.

The Content box uses a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor with a number of in-built formatting options, if you wish to create more complex content you can also work directly in the source code.

‌Promo Panels

‌Promo Panels are Content Components that can be selected to display underneath your banner image or on the right-hand side of your banner image.‌

They are created and edited in the Content Component section of the CMS.

To add your newly created Component to your Home Page, click in the Promo Panels box and select the item you wish to add.


Components are displayed on the right-hand side of your home page.

They are created and edited in the Content Component section of the CMS.

To add a Content Component to your home page, click in the Components box and select the item you wish to add.

‌Rotating banner ads‌

To add an Ad Banner Set to your Home Page, click in either the Top or Bottom box and select the set you wish to add.

‌To create an Ad Banner Set, see the Rotating banner ads guide.

The Ad Banner Set: Top will appear under the Page Banner and Promo Panels, while the Ad Banner Set: Bottom will appear above the Footer.

Page Banners

Page Banners will appear on your Home Page below the main Navigation bar. The recommended size for Page Banners images is 1900px wide x 200-600px high and should be JPG or PNG image format. We recommend no more than 4-5 banners be uploaded at any one time.

To add a Page Banner to your Home Page, click Choose File and select the image you wish to upload. Click Upload Banner.

If you wish to link the Page Banner to another page on your website click the Settings (cog) button.

If you wish to include any text on your banner, add it into the Caption area. If required you can format the text in the HTML source code.

Add the URL to the Link Address box and select the Link Target. Click Save Changes.