Online membership renewals

Members can easily renew their membership online.

Renewal notifications

You can set up automated renewal notification emails via the Membership Type, or generate manual renewal notices.

The renewal email sent to members will include a link to download the renewal invoice and a link to the online renewal form. Members do not need to log in to their profile to complete their renewal.

Completing the renewal form

The member can either click the renewal form link in the notification email or log in to their profile and click the renewal link.

The renewal will be populated with information from the member’s profile and they will have the opportunity to update it before submitting the renewal form.

Once completed, the member can enter the payment details and submit the renewal.

The member will be taken to the confirmation screen where they can download a copy of their invoice. A confirmation of renewal email with a link to download the invoice will also be sent to the member.

Payment plan option

If you have Payment Plans enabled for the selected Membership Type, the user will be able to select from the payment options at the top of the screen. These options may vary from the below screenshot depending on which payment intervals you have configured.

When completing the payment section of the form, the member will be abled to select if they wish to make their scheduled payments via bank account or credit card.

The member will then be taken to the confirmation screen.

The initial renewal invoice will be cancelled and a new invoice will be emailed to the member for each payment once the payment plan details have been processed by Pinch.

IMPORTANT: Please note it can take up to 24 hours for the invoice to be emailed to the member.

If there is a joining fee or add-on option set up on the membership type, then the member will be invoiced and immediately charged for these items in a separate invoice to the first instalment of the payment plan. The joining fee and add-ons are not included in the payment plan.