Generate renewal notices

Renewal notices can be completely automated, or batch generated manually by Membership Type.

Video tutorial: Generate renewal notices

Automated renewal notices

Automated renewal notices can be used for both Cyclical and Rolling (Anniversary) based memberships.

Automated renewal notices need to be created in advance. See the Email Signatures for more information about how to do this.

Once the renewal notices have been created, they need to be set in the Membership Type.

Select the relevant Membership Type and click the Edit button, go to the Renewal Notices tab.

Check the Auto Generate Renewal Notices box.

Select the appropriate Email Signature (Template) for up to 6 renewal notices.

Set the appropriate timeframe for the renewal notice to be sent by entering the number of days into the Offset field.

The renewal notices are sent based on the member's Paid Through Date. To email a reminder to a member a month before their membership expires, enter -28 into the Offset field.

Click Save Membership Type.

IMPORTANT: If you are using the automated renewal process for cyclical memberships and have more than 500 renewals to generate, you will need to batch/manually generate the pending renewals first.

This is due to the resource intensive nature of generating the pending renewal, renewal invoice and notification email all at once.

See the How-to article for further information.

Batch generated (manual) renewals

Batch generated renewals are only available for cyclical Membership Types. You cannot manually generate renewal notices for rolling/anniversary based memberships.

From the menu on the left, select Membership Renewals > Generate Renewal.

Renewal notices are created by Membership Type. Select the relevant Period and Membership Type, click Process/View Renewals.

You can filter by the Paid Through Date to target specific profiles for renewal.


When generating a large volume of renewals they may take some time to generate. The renewal process will continue to run in the background until all renewals for that Membership Type have generated. You can leave this process to run while you do other things within admin.

Select the relevant Email Signature to be used with the renewal notice.

The Email Signature can be used as the renewal notice template or the content of the renewal notice can be entered into the Email Body field.

The composition of the renewal email is detailed below. Links to the renewal invoice and online renewal form are automatically included.

The member's name and content in the Email Signature's Header and Footer are also automatically included.

A list of all members who have had a renewal generated will be listed at the bottom of the screen. It's good practice to cross-check this list with the number of profiles with this Membership Type.

Click the Send Notification to Pending Renewals button to issue renewal notices to all members in the list.

Importing renewal invoices to Xero

As renewal invoices are usually generated in large numbers they are batch imported to Xero overnight. This is due to limits within the Xero API that prevent them being imported immediately.