How to audit CPD

Administrators can flag participants and audit the CPD Activity Log to ensure members have met their CPD requirements.

Video tutorial: Audit CPD

From the menu on the left select CPD > Auditing > CPD Audit Members.

Select the relevant CPD cycle you wish to audit, a list of all participants with activities entered will be displayed on the screen. This list can be filtered by be selecting the relevant option from the Status dropdown.

Only profiles with a CPD activity recorded for the selected cycle will appear in the list of profiles to be audited.

A list of all participants in a cycle can be exported by clicking the Excel button.

To flag a participant for audit, locate the relevant profile by entering a name or member number in the search field.

Click Actions > Change Audit Status.

In the pop-up window, select the audit status and click Update Status.

To review the list of activities entered in a participant's CPD log, click Actions > View Activity Summary.

The list of activities will be displayed, click on the arrow button to view the activity details.

To update the Audit Status of an activity, click on the Audit Status and select the relevant option from the dropdown and click the tick button.

Batch flag profiles for audit

The batch flag works on you entering the beginning/prefix of a range of profile numbers and flagging them. For example if you entered 434, then all profiles that start with those 3 numbers will get flagged. If your association uses 4 digit profile numbers, this would flag 4340-4349.