Viewing the CPD activity log

Find out how administrators and members can view the CPD Activity Log.

Administrator access

Administrators can view the CPD Activity Log via a profile.

Search for the relevant profile, and once loaded, click the CPD button.

The Activity Log will be displayed on the screen. Click the Profile button to return to the Profile Dashboard.

The cycle details, number of hours/points logged and number of hours/points still required will be displayed on the screen.

A list of activities pending approval by an administrator will be displayed, followed by the list of activities that have been previously logged.

Set stream

If using streams to manage concurrent CPD cycles, click the Cycle Stream dropdown and select the relevant stream. Click the Set Stream button.

Add new activity log

Click the New Activity Log button.

Select the Category and Activity Code from the dropdown menus.

Enter the activity date, name of the activity and the number of points earned for this activity.

You can upload attachments such as an attendance certificate and enter notes about the activity.

Click Submit New Activity Log.

Reduce points

Occasionally you may need to reduce the total number of required points for a CPD cycle, such as when a member has taken extended leave.

Click on the Reduced Points button.

Click the Add Reduction button.

Select the relevant cycle the points reduction applies to.

Enter a description of the reason for the reduction and the number of points the cycle is to be reduced by.

Enter any additional notes or upload any attachments and click the Submit New Reduction button.

Export summary of activities

Click to PDF or Excel button to export a summary of CPD activities logged.

View, print, edit or delete activity logs

Individual activities can be viewed, printed, edited or deleted from the activity log by clicking the relevant button.

User Access

Create a page on your website and select the Manage CPD module. This allows members to access their CPD Activity Log via your website.

Users will see mostly the same information administrators can and the formatting will be consistent with your website.

Users can log a new activity by clicking the Submit Activity button.