View online payments

The Online Payments table lists all transactions processed on your site. It includes both regular payments processed through your payment gateway and individual payments from an Ezidebit payment plan.

Video tutorial: View and export payments

From the menu pane on the left select Financials > View Online Payments

A list of online payments will be displayed on the screen.

To filter the list by the date the payments were made, select a From and To date and time and click Show Payments. A list of payments made within those dates will displayed on-screen.

From the list you can click on the name to be taken directly to the profile. You can also open a PDF of the invoice in a new tab or window by clicking on the invoice number.

The Transaction # allows you to reconcile payments, the format of the Transaction # will be different depending on whether the payment was processed through your gateway or an Ezidebit Payment Plan transaction.

You can also export a list of payments by clicking on the Excel button.