Discount codes

Offer discounts for events, membership and more. Discount codes can be single, multi-use or within a set timeframe.

Video tutorial: Discount codes

From the menu pane on the left select Discount Codes.

Click the Add New Code button.

A discount code is automatically created by the system, however you can override this and enter your own code if you choose.

Enter the discount code description, this description will appear on the invoice.

Select whether the discount should be a percentage or dollar amount from the dropdown and enter in the discount amount.

Select what the discount code should apply to, you can choose to make it available over multiple areas.

When Event Registration is selected you will be given the option to restrict the code to a specific event.

Enter in the maximum number of times the code can be used, if this field is left blank there is no limit to the number of times the code can be used. You can also set dates for when the discount code is valid.

If you would like to allocate the discount code to a particular GL code then you can enter the details into the accounting fields. If you have integrated with Xero, select the appropriate options from the dropdown menus.

Click the Save button.

Users enter the discount code prior to completing a payment on your website.

The discount description and amount will appear as separate line item on the invoice.

IMPORTANT: The discount amount is subtracted from the pre-GST sub-total.

IMPORTANT: The discount code will be processed when the payment is submitted and will be included on the invoice. It is not calculated and displayed on-screen.