Manual invoices & payments

Create an ad-hoc invoice or process a manual payment on a profile.

Video tutorial: Profile finance

There may be occasions where you need to invoice an individual profile. This may be for:

  • Price difference when upgrading a member

  • Extra expense from an event which was not seen at time of registration

  • Any fee that needs to be allocated against a profile

Search for the profile you wish to create an invoice or process a payment for.

Once on the profile, click the Finance button and select New Payment/Invoice.

Invoice and payment options

Invoices and payments can be created and processed together or separately.

Select the appropriate options on the screen and enter a description of the invoice and/or payment. This description will be displayed on the invoices and payments exports.

Processing a payment

If the payment is to be processed immediately, set Process Payment to Yes and enter the credit card details.

If a credit card surcharge has been set up you will see a warning about this on the screen.

IMPORTANT: If processing a payment only, you MUST enter the total payment amount including GST.

GST will not be calculated on the amount entered.

Creating an invoice

If the invoice payment is to be processed immediately, use the date picker and select the date to be added to the Paid Date field.

Select whether or not GST should be added to the invoice.

Enter the details of what is being invoiced into Item 1, and the price into the Amount field. Click the Add Item button to add it to the invoice.

IMPORTANT: Prices in the Amount field must be entered as ex-GST price.

When entering the amount for the invoice line item, enter the number without a comma ie. 1300 NOT 1,300

If there are other items to be invoiced, repeat the steps above.

Once all invoice items are added, click the Submit button.

View and download an invoice

To download the invoice, click the Finance button and select invoices.

Find the invoice in the list and click the green Open/Download button and it will display in a new tab or window.

Download the invoice from your browser and attach it to an email, or copy the URL and insert it into the email as a hyperlink.