Intuto is an online learning management system that is fully integrated with the Membes CPD module.

Video tutorial: Software integrations

To set up your Intuto integration, first you will need to log a Help Desk ticket to request API keys from the Membes team.

Once you receive the API keys from Membes, you will need to provide them to the Intuto team.

Next, login in to your Intuto account then click on the cog and select Settings from the dropdown.

‌From the menu on the left side of the screen, select API/Webhooks > API V1.

Click on the Create API Key button

Select Full Access from the Type dropdown and enter a name for the API key and click Create.

In a new window or tab, open the Membes administration system.

Click on the gear icon to open the Configuration and Settings menu.

In the menu on the left scroll down to Extend Membes and click Integrations > Intuto.

‌Copy and paste the UserID and APIKey from your Intuto account and click Save.

Online course management

Once you have set up the integration, you can start creating your online courses within Intuto. Online courses can be made available on your website via the Online Shop module.

‌First, create an Online Shop module page on your website.

‌Create a shop item.

‌In the shop item setup page, you will see a menu for Intuto, click on the dropdown and select the appropriate course to link the shop item to.

Click Save to add the item.

When a user purchases the item from your shop, it will trigger Intuto to send an email with a link for the user to register for the course.

Once the course has been completed, any relevant CPD points will be added to the user's CPD activity log.