2023 Release notes

Feature updates

Ask the Membes Assistant

Release 23.11

Membes has harnessed the power of AI to provide better support to customers.

You can find the Membes Assistant in the Help Desk by clicking the life buoy icon at the bottom left of the admin screen. Use the prompt box to ask a question about how to do something in Membes and see the response from the Membes Assistant.

Ezidebit integration and payment plans

Release 23.09

New integration with the Ezidebit payment gateway allows customers to offer an alternative payment option to members and allow them to make scheduled payments over a defined period instead of a single up front fee.

User Guide links:

Add Paid Through Date filter to Generate Renewals

Release 23.03


When batch generating renewals, administrators can now include a Paid Through Date filter to target a specific group of members.

This is particularly useful where an association has moved from cyclical to anniversary based memberships and have a large number of members with the same Paid Through Date and need to pre-generate pending renewals for the automated system to send notifications.

Maintenance & bug fixes

Release 23.26

MD-4074 Update events calendar display who can register

MD-4075 Update to the directory filter options

MD-4079 add +92 to mobile prefixes

MD-4080 Text field being converted to date format if it contains a time

Release 23.25

MD-4015 Updates to date picker

MD-4035 Update column heading event registrations export

MD-4044 Update to display multiple relationships on profile

MD-4046 Update training link in admin

MD-4007 CMS Advanced section declaration

Release 23.24

MD-4043 Review profile directory search

Release 23.23

MD-3949 Update process for new joins with payment plans

Release 23.22

MD-3860 Update WAF

MD-3986 Update profiles pending approval process

MD-4008 API update for profile interactions

Release 23.21

MD-3980 Xero invoice payment status sync

Release 23.20

MD-3978 Update payments form for Amex if enabled in gateway

MD-3985 Merging profiles when payment plan in place

Release 23.19

MD-3910 Prevent overlapping Membership Price Periods

MD-3973 Update Intel to incorporate archived profiles

MD-3976 Change admin default language

Release 23.18

MD-3944 Remove state filter from events

MD-3952 Add Activity Code column to CPD list and export

Release 23.17

MD-3909 Fix Xero dropdown fields display

MD-3896 Update Intel navigation

Release 23.16

MD-3873 Update profile data export for pending approval profiles

Release 23.15

MD-3872 Custom field maintenance

MD-3879 Allow special characters in event titles

MD-3865 MailChimp API changes

Release 23.14

MD-3842 Updates to payment plan period calculations

Release 23.13

MD-2751 Update email correspondence selection

MD-3818 Update membership certificate generation process and display on profile

MD-3830 Update image display for news feed tiles on home page

MD-2752 Refactor profile renewals tab for faster loading

MD-3811 Change online training/support booking link

Release 23.10

MD-3672 Updates to broadcast SMS

Release 23.09

MD-3794 Isolate errors in profile import batch delete

Release 23.08

MD-3594 Update process for syncing invoice status from Xero to Membes

MD-3610 Updates to SSO

Release 23.07

MD-3741 Unable to complete manual renewals

Release 23.06

MD-2899 Update archive profiles process

MD-2908 Update to Higher Logic integration to prevent duplicates

MD-3148 Custom field options inclusion in profile exports

MD-3638 Error when trying to redirect event invoices

MD-3642 Allow administrators to regenerate membership certificates

MD-3537 Update optional module information

MD-3538 Display list of administration users with Help Desk access for users where Help Desk access hasn’t been enabled

Release 23.05

MD-3559 Update profile relationships configuration for sending renewal notices to child profiles

MD-3560 API: Add geocode and validated address to profile endpoint response

Release 23.04

MD-2651 Update PDF engine to allow macrons and other special characters

Release 23.03

MD-3132 Invoice summary widget showing paid invoices as unpaid

MD-3160 Change email address for OTP verification

Release 23.02

MD-3329 Update to Stripe payment gateway

MD-2895 Zoom integration webinar registrations

MD-3007 Membership certificate not displaying in user profile

MD-3013 Update hardcoded alert messages

Release 23.01

MD-2895 Zoom integration not sending webinar emails

MD-3002 Custom field values stored as date