2022 Release notes

Feature updates

Profile directories user opt-in

Release 22.10.2

Profile Directories can now be configured to allow members to opt-in to a Profile Directory from their member profile.

Increased password requirements

Release 22.10.2

Users resetting their passwords will only be able to submit new passwords that meet these increased requirements. There is a password strength indicator on the screen, and only passwords that meet the "strong" or "very strong" requirement will be accepted. 

2 Factor authentication for administration users

Release 22.10.2

As part of the ongoing efforts to ensure the security of the Membes platform, 2 factor authentication is required for administration users. When logging in to Membes Administration, administrators are required to authorise their computer using a verification code sent to the email address on their profile.  Set default fields display

Release 22.8.2

Set whether or not default fields are displayed and/or required for Membership Types, Event Registrations and the Online Shop.

See the User Guide for details on how to set default fields:

Archive profiles

Release 22.7.1

The Archive Profiles facility allows customers to deactivate and store profiles without completely removing them from your database so they don’t contribute toward the total number of profiles that your monthly licence fee is calculated on.

Override membership renewal amount

Release 22.5.5

Occasionally you may need to override the membership fee that is set in the Membership Price Period. The Override Membership Price function allows you to do that at an individual profile level.

Release 22.3.4

“Add to Calendar” link created for event registrations. The link is made available to users once a registration has been completed and also on the confirmation email. See the User Guide for information.

Online payment information included in the invoices table

Release 22.4.1

The table on the View Invoices screen has been updated to include transaction details for online payments.

Manage Registrations export updated to include additional columns

Release 22.3.2

The Manage Registrations export has been updated to include the following columns:

  • Invoice number

  • Total amount paid (inc GST)

  • Invoice amount

  • GST amount

  • Payment method (card/invoice)

  • Delegate type

Maintenance & bug fixes

Release 22.11.3

MD-2998 Update suburb name search in profile directories

MD-2939 Update website footer link

MD-2942 Update password reset alert text

MD-2943 Update profile date display

Release 22.11.2

MD-2927 API Add fields to profile endpoint

MD-2934 Update password reset for embeddable CMS

MD-2856 Update event registration export to show amount after discount code applied

Release 22.11.1

MD-2890 Error when merging profiles

MD-2894 Unable to save changes to renewal status

MD-2919 Systems fields switched off by default

Release 22.10.2

MD-2850 Align quick links access with profile administration access settings

Release 22.8.3

MD-2873 Update date format to be consistent on profile view

MD-2242 Update membership certificates for newly joined profiles

Release 22.8.2

MD-2822 Event export missing prefix field

MD-2818 Update reCaptcha process for event registrations

MD-2714 Update Add to Xero function

Release 22.8.1

MD-2531 Refactor renewals process

Release 22.7.1

MD-2629 Update Help Desk page in admin

Release 22.6.4

MD-2623 Update lapsed members calculation for Intel

MD-2691 Revise application and session timeout

Release 22.6.3

MD-2653 Refactor invoices export

Release 22.6.2

MD-2638 Update system email signature for renewals pending payment

MD-2625 Resolve event cloning issue

MD-2594 Update event registration export information

Release 22.5.5

MD-2557 Update Membership Add-ons export

MD-2556 Update to date filters for Membership Add-ons export

Release 22.5.2

MD-2519 Resolve Resource Library display image error

MD-2512 Update API to include additional membership endpoint

MD-2497 Update image handling for Profile Directory

MD-2483 Update Polls and Surveys report

Release 22.4.4

MD-2455 Update event registrations export

MD-2449 Update polls and surveys function on mobile

MD-2448 Update profile custom fields handling in export profile data

Release 22.4.2

MD-2442 Update Add to Calendar function

MD-2061 Add payment type for Renewals to "View Invoices"

Release 22.4.1

MD-2253 Manual invoices - make line item amount a required field.

MD-1752 Validate primary address on profile import

MD-1580 Prevent removal of a secondary email address when "Send correspondence to this address" is ticked

MD-2410 Resolve eWay manual payments issue

Release 22.3.4

MD-2412 Resolve website forms issue caused by recent JavaScript update

Release 22.3.2

MD-2361 Update home page teaser links to prevent double slashes

MD-2294 Update Manage Registrations export

Release 22.2.4

MD-2313 Update CMS page slug to max length of 250 characters

MD-2312 Update Xero process for passing back paid invoice information

Release 22.2.3

MD-2295 Add WCAG tab index and roles to control elements

Release 22.2.2

MD-2289 Error alert message when renewal can’t be deleted due to Xero error

Release 22.1.5

MD-2276 Join process issue when selecting payment plan

MD-2264 Fix image display in directory

MD-2269 Fix typo in CPD Audit batch flag