2020 Release notes

November 2020


  • Restrict pages by membership type - Restrict member access to pages on your website so that only selected membership types can view them.


  • Preview email on-screen - Preview what your broadcast email looks like in an on-screen pop-up.

  • Send test email - Enter email address to send a test email to preview what an email looks like once it has been received.

August 2020


  • Profile interaction for shop purchases - All purchase made through the online shop are recorded in a profile interaction.

  • Admin employment ads list - Display order now defaults to reverse chronological order.

  • Filters for employment ads - The state filter and content categories are now available for employment ads.

  • Additional social media link - The option to display a link to Slack has now been added.

  • Use content categories to create split module pages - Content categories can now be added to pages within the CMS allowing you to split module pages into multiple categories ie. The online shop can now be separated into online courses and physical items with the use of content categories.


  • Event name included on Manage Registrations screen - The name of the event has been added as a heading on the Manage Registrations screen.

  • Events default display order - Future events are now displayed in order of upcoming event, while past events display from the most recent to the oldest.

  • Event attendance list - Administrators can now generate an attendance list containing the first name, surname and company name directly from the Manage Registrations screen. The attendance list export includes a blank column for attendee's signature.

  • Event registration counts - The Manage Registrations screen now displays the number of pending and confirmed registrations at the top of the screen, the combined total of pending and confirmed registrants is also now included.

  • Administrator past event registration - The Event Registration button on the profile can now be used by administrators to register people for events that have occurred in the last year.

  • Required event custom fields - Event custom fields can now be set as required fields.

Xero integration‌

  • Add Xero Contact ID to a profile - If you have the Xero integration enabled, you now have the option to add the Xero Contact ID directly to a profile.

  • Add invoice to Xero - You can now manually add an invoice to Xero.

  • Clear Xero invoice reference - The Xero invoice reference number can be cleared from an invoice.‌


  • New communications merge fields - Additional merge fields have been created for the Date Joined and Paid Through Date fields.

  • Record which administrator sends broadcast email - Details of which administrator generated a broadcast email are now recorded on the Sent Emails screen.


  • Organisation settings - Administrators can now update company contact details via the Organisation > Settings option in the Configuration menu.


  • Events - A new events report has been added that shows the following:

    • Total number of events held

    • Total number of event registrations

    • Total number of event attendances

    • Comparison of event registrations to event attendances

Data exports

  • Renewals export - Fields reordered so all renewal information is together and additional fields added.

  • View invoices - You can now filter by Invoice Paid Date to view and export data.

  • Directory listings - A directory filter has been added to the Other tab so a list of all profiles in a directory can be exported.

  • Employment ads - A list of employment ads listed on your site during a set period can now be exported.


  • Online shop profile interactions - A profile interaction is now recorded whenever an online shop purchase is made.