Manage registrations

Use the Manage Registrations screen to export a list of registrants, mark registrants as attended or not attended, send attendance certificates and more.

Video tutorial: Manage registrations

Once the event has been opened you will see the list of event registrations.

A list of registrations can be created by clicking the Export to Excel button.


To work with an individual registration, click on the Actions button and select from the dropdown.

Registration note

This is a free text field which allows you to add notes to an individual registration. Any registration notes are included in the registrations export.

Edit Registration

This function allows you to update the registration and payment status. Administrators can also make changes to Event Sections/Registration Types, Event Add-ons and Event workshops as needed. Click on the relevant field and update as required.

Email Registrant

This will allow you to email them directly from the event. The email function uses the standard WYSIWYG editor utilised elsewhere in the CMS and Communications modules. Make sure you select the correct email signature and add a subject line before sending the email.

Open Certificate of Attendance

This will open the PDF certificate in a separate tab or browser window.

Resend Confirmation Email

Selecting this resends the confirmation email to the attendee.

Transfer Registration

This allows you to transfer an event registration between profiles. In the transfer box, type the name of the profile you wish to transfer the registration to and click the Transfer Registration button. Once the transfer has been transferred a profile interaction will be added to the profile of the original registrant and new registrant showing the event registration was transferred.

When a registration has been transferred, the registration link on the confirmation email is voided. A user will need to resend the confirmation email to the new registrant.

IMPORTANT: Only the event registration will be transferred between profiles, the invoice and payment information will remain in the original registrant's name.

Delete Registration

This removes the registration from the event. Take care when deleting registrations as this step cannot be undone.

Post-event processing

Once the event has been held you can process the attendances, as well as send attendance certificates and update CPD records directly from the list of registrations.

To do this, select the relevant checkbox on the left each registration for the process you wish to complete.

Select the process you wish to complete from the dropdown and click Process Checked Applicants. Once the processing has completed, the registration record will update accordingly in the Attended, Cert Sent and CPD Logged fields per the image above.