Home page and events calendar display

When an event is created, it will be displayed on the Events Calendar. It will also be displayed on the Home Page if have selected that option in the event set up.

Events Calendar

Once you have set up the module page and linked it to the Events Calendar, it will display on your website.

Events are displayed on the calendar in upcoming date order. Each listing shows a brief summary of the event details with a link to view more about the event or register directly from the calendar listing.

If the link to more information is clicked, users are taken to the event details screen which shows all of the information entered into the event set up.

Home Page Display

If you have set up Event teasers on your Home Page (see User Guide) and also selected to display the event on your Home Page when setting up the event, you will see a brief description of the event.

There are links to view more information about the event and a link to register directly from the Home Page.