Content categories

Use the content categories to apply filters to various administration functions.

Video tutorial: Configure lists

Open Configuration and Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner.

From the menu on the left slide of the screen click on Lists > Content Categories.

To create a new category click the New Content Category button.

Enter the appropriate category label and select the modules you wish to use this category with.

Click the Save button.

IMPORTANT: If you are using Content Categories to allow users to filter the Events Calendar by these categories, then Content Categories must be applied to ALL events.

If some events do not have a Content Category applied, they will not be visible on the Events Calendar.

To edit or delete a Content Category, click on the Actions button and select the relevant option from the dropdown.

Using content categories to split module pages

Content Categories can be used to filter and split module pages into multiple categories. For example, if you have webinars and face to face workshops listed on your events calendar you can add one of these as a Content Category to each individual event when you set them up.

You can then create two separate module pages and apply each Content Category so that webinars are displayed in one events calendar on your website and face to face workshops are listed in another events calendar on a separate page.

To use this feature, you will need to ensure you have enabled the Content Category for use within the CMS. You can do this by selecting Use For CMS.