Publication subscription

Publications can be used to allow users to select which email newsletters they’d like to receive. Once configured, Publications are also available to be used as a filter for broadcast communications or exporting data.

All new profiles will automatically be subscribed to all Publications and users can manage which ones they receive from their profile.

Create publications

  1. Open Configuration and Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner.


  2. From the menu on the left slide of the screen click on Lists > Publication Subscription.


  3. Click the New Publication Subscription button.


  4. Enter the name and description for your publication and click Save Publication Subscription.

  5. From the list of Publications, click the Actions button to Edit or Delete a Publication.

Add publications to a profile

Administrators can add or remove Publications from a profile at any time.

  1. Open to the relevant profile and go to the Contact tab.


  2. Click in the Subscriptions field to select which Publications to add.

  3. Click Save Changes.

User publications selection

Publications are displayed as a checkbox field and users can select which ones they’d like to receive. By default all Publications will be selected for new profiles. New profiles may be created via the Join Form, Event Registration, Online Shop purchases etc.

Edit profile

  1. User logs into the website and goes to their profile and clicks Edit Profile.

  2. The user can click in the Subscriptions field to add or remove their selections.

  3. Click Save Profile.

Join form

When a new member completes the Join Form they will see the list of subscription options and make their selection.

Event registrations

When someone registers for an event and the system doesn’t recognise their email address, a new profile is created. The Publications list is included as part of the registration form.

Publication filters


  1. Go to Communications > New Broadcast Email or New Broadcast SMS.


  2. Go to the Publications tab and click in the Publication Subscriptions field make your selection.


  3. Draft your email or SMS and send as normal.

Exporting profile data

  1. Go View/Export Data > Profile Data.

  2. Go to the Publications tab and click in the Publication Subscriptions field make your selection.

  3. Export your data as normal.

User subscribe/unsubscribe

Any emails sent using the Publication filter include a link for users to manage their subscriptions in the bottom right corner.

When users click the Unsubscribe/Manage subscriptions link they will be taken to a screen where they can save their preferences.