Multi-lingual tool

Membes is integrated with Google Translate to provide a simple and low cost option for associations to offer a multi-language website to users.

Public website

Enable admin access

Before you can enable multiple languages, you need to enable access via the Administration Access settings on your profile.

  1. On your profile, go to Other > Administration Access.

  2. On the CMS tab, check the CMS: Multi-lingual option and click Save Changes.

  3. Log out of admin and then back in again for the changes to take effect.

Configure multiple languages

  1. Go to the CMS and select Languages from the menu on the left.

  2. Click in the Select Languages field to view the list of available languages and click on the language to select it.

  3. You can also click in the Select Languages field and type to search for a language, once the language you want is displayed, press Enter to select it.

  4. Click Save once you’ve selected all the languages you wish to use.

Website language selection

Now that you’ve configured your selected languages, a Select Language button will be added to your website.

Users can click the Select Language button and select their preferred language from the dropdown and the site will be translated accordingly.


Disable website language selection

To disable the selected language, click the cross icon next to the Select Language button.

Change Admin language

Admin users can select their preferred language for viewing Admin by clicking the Select Language button to the right of the support life buoy icon, then choosing a language from the displayed list.