Create a profile directory

Profile Directories allow you to create a searchable public or private directory of members or other stakeholders on your website.

Video tutorial: Profile directories

Create a directory

Click on the gear icon to open the Configuration and Settings menu.

In the menu on the left, click Directories.

A list of Directories will be displayed on the screen. To create a new Directory, click the New Directory button.

Directory settings

First, enter the Directory Name.

Now you need to select the settings for your directory:

  • Members only - Select yes if your directory should only include members, if you select Yes listings will only display if the profile has valid membership

  • Display Statistics - If set to Yes, members will be able to view statistics in their profile about their directory listing

  • Radius Search - Users can search for profiles within a specified range of a location

  • Show Listing Map - Select yes if you wish to include a map image in the listing

  • Allow Excel Export - If set to yes, users can download their search results to an Excel file

  • Allow PDF Export - If set to yes, users can download their search results to a PDF file

  • Show Profile Images - Select yes if you wish to display an image such as a business logo on the directory listing

  • Image to Use - If you have select yes to Show Profile Images, you will need to upload the images to a Profile Custom Field and select that field from the dropdown

Scroll down to the Search & Listing Setup section to continue setting up your directory.

Summary settings

Next you will need to select the fields you would like displayed in the summary list. To do this, scroll down below the Directory Settings and make sure the Summary tab is selected.

A list of all available fields will be displayed on the left side of the screen. To add fields to the listing, drag and drop them into the Summary Left Column, Summary Right Column and Summary Bottom Section.

The selected fields will be displayed on the listing per the image below.

Page settings

Now you need to select which fields are displayed on the individual listing page. You may wish to include additional or different information to what you've selected to be displayed on the summary listing.

The fields to be displayed on the individual pages are selected using the same drag and drop function as the summary listing.


You can also users to filter their search results. These filters are based on Profile Custom Fields.

Click on the Filter tab and you will see a list of all Profile Custom Fields that have been created. Check the box of any you wish to include as search filters on your directory.

System fields (Search)

If you wish to allow users to enter their own search terms to find a directory listing, such as a name, select the relevant system fields to be displayed. If no options are selected, users can search via geolocation or filters.

System fields (Display)

You can also select certain System Fields to be displayed on your directory. Simply check the box of the fields you wish to include.