MailChimp list management

The MailChimp list management integration allows you to add and remove people from audiences you have created in MailChimp.

Connect to MailChimp

Before you can start managing your email lists within Membes, you will need to connect to your MailChimp account. To do this, you will need to login and obtain the API key.

Login in to MailChimp and go to your Account > Extras > API Keys.

Click the Create A Key button and copy the API key text that is generated.

Now return to Membes and click on the gear icon to go to Configuration & Settings.

From the menu on the left, go to Integrations > MailChimp.

Paste the API Key into the text field and click Save.

Log out of Membes for the changes to take effect.

Manage your MailChimp list

The MailChimp integration allows you to add or remove profiles from your mailing lists, however it cannot create or delete the mailing lists themselves, this needs to be undertaken from within MailChimp itself. Once your lists have been created, you can use the email filters to add members to lists.

Bulk list update

To add members to your list, go to Comms > MailChimp > Manage Lists.

You will see a table showing all your current MailChimp lists.

Select the list you wish to add to and click the Actions button and select Add/Update members.

From the filter screen, select the filters you wish to use. You can filter by a range of system fields and any custom profile fields you have created.

Once you are satisfied with your chosen filters, click the Save/Update list button at the bottom of the screen.

Individual list update

You can add or remove an individual to a MailChimp list directly from their profile. To do this, click on the Communications button on the profile and select MailChimp. A table showing the MailChimp lists will display onscreen. To add or remove the profile from a list click the Add to List or Remove from List button.