Broadcast email

Broadcast emails can be sent via the communications module. These emails can be targeted to specific profiles by utilising filters.

Video tutorial: Broadcast email

Create a broadcast email

From the menu on the left, select Communications > New Broadcast Email.

Apply filters

First select the filters you wish to apply to the email broadcast. You can filter by a range of system fields and any custom profile fields you have created.

Relationship filter

Click on the Get field at the top of the list of filters to display the dropdown menu.

From the list you can see an option for the Parent and Child of each Profile Relationship you have set up (the name of the Profile Relationship is displayed in square brackets). The Parent for each relationship will always display first.

Select the relevant option to apply the filter.

For example, in the image below if we want to obtain a list of all Employees or Children from the Organisation relationship we would select the [Organisation] Employees of Employers where... option.

Once you are satisfied with your chosen filters, scroll down to the email editor to draft your email.

Enter the subject of your email and select the appropriate email signature. You can read more about how to set up your email signatures here.

Draft your email in the Email Body content box. The content box uses a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor with a number of in-built formatting options, if you wish to create more complex content you can also work directly in the source code.

Composing the email

You can use the WYSIWYG editor to compose your email.

If you’d prefer to use a drag and drop editor to create an interesting layout for your email, there are a number of free options that will allow you to create your email and copy the HTML code into the Membes to create the email. If you’d prefer a drag and drop editor you could try one of these options:

Merge fields

You can personalise the email by using dynamic Merge Fields. For example, if you use the Merge Field for First Name, and add a salutation "Dear MERGEfirstName" to your email, the system will translate the Merge Field to the content of that particular field in the profile. In the "Dear MERGEfirstName" example above, if the First Name field in the profile is John the email will read "Dear John".

To add a Merge Field click the Merge Fields button and copy the field code you wish to use, then paste the code into the appropriate place in the Email Body.

Preview emails

Click the Preview button to display an on-screen preview of the email.

To send a test email so you can preview what the email will look like once it has been sent, enter an email address in the To field and click the Send Preview button. A message will display on-screen to confirm the email has been sent.

Sending emails

Once you are satisfied with your email, select the appropriate option in the Action dropdown. The options are:

  • Save email, but do not send - This will save your email draft but does not save any filters you selected.

  • Save email and send - This will send the email with the filters you have selected and also save a copy of the email for your reference.

  • Send email but do not save - This will send the email, but a copy will not be saved for your reference.

We generally recommend you use the Save Email and Send option, so you can refer to the sent email at a later date and duplicate the content if needed.

Once you've selected the appropriate Action click the Save/Send Email button.

A Profile Interaction will be recorded on the individual profile with the content of the email sent.

Sent emails

The Sent Emails area will display a list of all sent broadcast emails.

From the menu on the left, select Communications > Sent Emails.

From this screen, you can view basic details about the saved/sent email.

You can duplicate the contents of a saved/sent email by clicking the Actions button and selecting Copy Email. This action will take you back to the New Broadcast Email screen.

The content of the saved/sent email will be copied into the Email Body field. You can then select the relevant email filters and send as a new email.


Email deliverability

Email deliverability is largely dependent on the recipient’s email settings, however there are some DNS settings you can make to assist with deliverability. For instructions on what to add to your DNS see the DNS Configuration page.