Online training courses

Online courses are available for each module of the Membes platform. Register to complete online courses via the links below.

All online courses have been collated into a single course. It is strongly recommended that at least two people complete the full training to ensure your association gets the most out of the platform.

Register here: Membes Online Training Course

Individual courses for each module are available via the following links, we recommend courses be completed in the following order:

  1. Membes overview (15 mins)

  2. Content management system (1 hour, 45 mins)

  3. Profile management (1 hour, 10 mins)

  4. Membership management (21 mins)

  5. Membership renewals (15 mins)

  6. Event management (35 mins)

  7. Communications (15 mins)

  8. Profile directories (10 mins)

  9. CPD (20 mins)

  10. Export data (10 mins)

  11. Financial (10 mins)

  12. Configuration & settings (10 mins)