Feature updates

Service Desk

Release 24.8

The Service Desk functions as a ticketing system, consolidating all member enquiries in a centralised location. This ensures a single source of truth and eliminates worries about flooding a personal inbox with enquiries. You can now provide support even when a staff member is unavailable, enhancing team collaboration.

Within the Membes Service Desk is your own personal AI assistant to help you deliver faster and more accurate ticket responses. You can train your own AI assistant with everything it needs to know about your association. Your members will receive quick, consistent, accurate responses to their questions.

To set up your Service Desk see the User Guide.

AI tools

Release 24.6

The introduction of AI tools to assist associations in delivering better content to their members.

The new tools available include content generation, which utilises AI to create interesting email subject lines and catchy introductions for events and news items.

You can also improve your SEO by using the AI tools to generate meta tags and descriptions for your website.

Intel reports can now also be analysed using AI. Ask the AI assistant a question about graph on your screen for greater reporting insights.

New Membes Help Desk

Release 24.5

The new Help Desk improves accessibility to user support for customers with the ability to view and manage tickets directly in the Support Hub withinf Admin. 

Some of the benefits of the new Help Desk include:

  • Efficient teamwork: Your Help Desk ticket can be allocated to the best person to answer your question, avoiding delays and duplicate efforts.

  • Smoother experience: The Help Desk is designed to streamline problem-solving and ensure a positive customer journey. 

  • Better support together: Using the Help Desk makes you a partner in receiving the best possible customer support. 

Polls & surveys update

Release 24.3

The Polls & Surveys tool has been updated and users can now do the following:

  • Clone surveys

  • Switch view between currently open or closed surveys

  • Export survey results to a CSV/Excel file