Using the shop to sell online courses

The Membes platform is integrated with the Intuto learning management system and allows you to sell online courses via the shop.

You will need to set up an account with Intuto before you can undertake any of the following steps. To do this visit the Intuto website.

Setup Intuto integration

Before you can sell any online courses, you will need to configure the Intuto integration in your Membes platform. You can find instructions on how to do this in the User Guide.

Create Intuto courses

Set up your online courses within Intuto. If you need assistance to do this, you can visit the Intuto support page.

Link shop items to Intuto courses

Now that you’ve created your courses, you can link them to shop items so you can sell them on your website. You will need to make sure you have a module page set up in the CMS for the online shop, instructions on how to do this are available in the User Guide.

With a page set up for the shop in your CMS, the next step is to create the actual shop items.

From the menu on the left, select Online Shop.

Click the Add Product button. Enter the product details including the title and description, prices, discount for bulk purchase and threshold. You can also upload an image of the product.

NOTE: All prices must be entered as ex-GST.

‌When the Intuto integration is enabled, you will see a menu for Intuto in the shop item setup.

Click on the dropdown and select the appropriate course to link the shop item to.

If you have enabled the Xero integration you will be able to add the Account Code.

If Xero is not enabled you can enter your accounting fields to be exported with a list of invoices.

Click Save Product.

What happens when a course is purchased

When a user purchases the item from your shop, it will trigger Intuto to send an email with a link for the user to register for the course.

Recording CPD for online courses

Once the course has been completed within Intuto, this triggers a call to Membes confirming the course has been completed. Any relevant CPD points will be added to the user's CPD activity log.