Reporting dashboards

Each dashboard displays graphs and data which can be filtered and exported as required.

This page details how you can access, filter and export reports.

You can see an overview of each report available by selecting the relevant page in the table of contents on the left, or via the links below:

Enable access

Before you can view any reports, you will need to enable administration access permissions. To do this, go to the relevant administrator profile.

Click Other, and select Administration Access.

Go to the Intelligence tab, and select which reports you'd like the administrator to have access to.

Click the Save button.

Intel Plus

Intel Plus is an additional module that can be purchased and offers a range of additional reports and filters for administrators.

To enable Intel Plus, click on the user icon in the nav bar.

On the account page, scroll down to the list of Optional Modules.

Locate the Intel Plus listing and click the Enable Module button.

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm you wish to enable this module.

Viewing reports

Click Intel on the top bar.

Select the relevant report from the menu on the left.

Filtering reports

Click the blue Filter button to display the available filter options.

Select the relevant field options and click the Reload Data button to refresh the on-screen report.

Exporting graphs and data

Each graph and its data can be exported for use in other documents.

Click the dash button in the top right of each graph, select what you would like to export and the export format.