Release 24.9

MT-71 Review reCaptcha and profile generation process

Release 24.8

MD-4112 Update directory results cap

Release 24.7

MT-99 Update favicon display

MT-103 Merge profile process improvement

Release 24.6

MT-85 Update alert for manual invoices

Release 24.5

MT-78 Improve event workshop deletion process

MT-84 Error when exporting survey results

Release 24.4

MT-61 System Fields not displaying as required

Release 24.3

MT-6 Webhook update to trigger automatic update of membership status

MT-53 Mailchimp not updating mailing lists

Release 24.2

MT-45 Update payment plan reminder email process

Release 24.1

MT-3 State filter not saving in events

MT-9 Ezidebit expiry date config

MT-10 State, Country filter not cloning

MT-14 Export pending approval profiles