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Profiles are the core of the Membes platform and contain important data about your members and non-member users.


🎥 Video tutorial: Profile overview

Profile dashboard

The Profile Dashboard displays key information contained within a profile.

Detailed information can be accessed via the relevant link in the profile menu.

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Profile menu bar

The Profile Menu Bar displays some important information about the profile at a glance. This includes:

  • Membership status

  • Profile name

  • Profile/member number

  • Contact details

  • Member joined and paid through dates

Underneath this information are links to access information contained in various sections of the profile.

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Visual indicator

One of the first things you see is a coloured icon which indicates the current status of the profile:

  • Green - Active and current member

  • Orange - Active member whose membership renewal is pending or overdue

  • Red - Inactive or lapsed member

  • Grey - Non-member profile

Profiles contain a range information. For ease of use this information is split across sections.

To access each section, click the link in the menu bar.

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The General section contains basic information about a member including name, organisation, gender and date of birth.


The Membership tab shows membership details including whether or not the membership is active, membership type or category, date joined and membership paid through date.


The Contact tab includes all contact information available for a member.


This is used to manage individual membership renewals as well as view previous membership periods.


This is where relationships between profiles are added.

Website Access

This is where administrators can access the website as a member and reset passwords.


The Other link displays as a dropdown menu with a number of options.

Profile Pages

A number of tasks can be undertaken using the action buttons available on the profile screen. These buttons are found above the profile menu bar.


If you have purchased the CPD module, clicking on the CPD button will take you to the CPD Activity Log for the profile you are viewing. You can read more about the CPD activity log here.


Clicking on the Groups button will display a list of Profile Groups and shows if the profile you are viewing is a member of any Profile Groups. You can read more about Profile Groups here.

Event registration

This button allows administrators to register someone for an event directly from their profile.

See the Administrator registration process page.



🎥 Video tutorial: Profile communications

Clicking the Communication button displays a dropdown menu with a range of actions that can be undertaken for a profile.

Send email

Selecting Send Email will allow you to email the profile you are viewing. To do this, select the appropriate Email Signature in the From box and enter your Subject.

Then type your email the Body content box. The WYSIWYG editor will allow you to apply some basic formatting, or alternatively you can work directly in the HTML code by clicking the Source button. Once you have finished click the Send Email button.

A copy of the email will be recorded in the Profile Interactions.

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Selecting SMS will allow you to send a short text message to the mobile number recorded on the profile.

Type your message in the SMS box and click Send.

Your text message should be no more than 160 characters and we recommend you avoid using special characters in your message.

Forms submitted

Clicking on the Forms Submitted button will display a list of website forms that have been completed by the profile.

Surveys submitted

Clicking on the Surveys Submitted button will display a list of surveys that have been completed by the profile.


See the Profile Letters page for more information.


If you integrated MailChimp List Management, clicking the MailChimp button will display a list of your email lists. Add or remove the profile from the list by clicking the Add to List or Remove from List button.



🎥 Video tutorial: Profile finance


The Invoices button will display a list of the invoices that have been created for the profile. You can view invoices as a PDF by clicking on the green download button. An invoice can be marked as paid by clicking on the blue Edit icon next to the Date Paid column. A date selector will appear in the Date Paid column, select the required date and click the green Save button.

From this screen you can also cancel an invoice by clicking on the yellow Cancel button, cancelled invoices display as light grey text. If you need to reinstate a cancelled invoice, you can click the grey Redo button.

The invoice's address details can be amended by clicking the blue Edit button next to the Cancel button. The address fields will be displayed and you can change them as needed and click the Save button.

Members are able to view all of their invoices by logging into their member profile on your website.

To send an invoice via email to a profile, you will need to download a PDF of the invoice and send it externally. Click the green download button to open/view the invoice in a new tab or window.

Download the invoice from your browser and attach it to an email, or copy the URL and insert it into the email as a hyperlink.

Payments made

Selecting Payments Made will display a list of all online payments made by a profile.

New payment/invoice

The New Payment/Invoice function allows you to create an ad-hoc invoice and take payments for a profile. You can read more about how to use this in Manual Invoices and Payments.

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