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🎥 Video tutorial: Registering for an event

When a member or other user of your site wishes to register for an event they can do so via the event listing in the Events Calendar.

On the Events Calendar listing there will be a button to go directly to the event registration or a read more about the event.

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When they click Register they will be asked to select if it is a group or single registration.

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They will then be asked to enter their email address.

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If the email address entered is already recorded on a profile in your database they see a message on the screen advising this. If the email address is not recognised, they will be asked to enter their details and a profile will be created.

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Next they will see the registration screen. What they see here will depend on how the event has been set up, if multiple registration types and workshops have been created, they will select those here.

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After completing the registration details they will be taken to the payment screen to finalise their registration.

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