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A range of things that happen on a profile will get recorded as profile interactions. You can maximise this function by creating your own custom profile interactions and using the associated actions to track different types of engagement with your members.

In this example, we are going to use the profile interactions to track how many students upgrade to full membership once they become qualified.

Create profile interaction type

The first step is to create a custom profile interaction, calling it Student Upgrades.

Now you can start using the Student Upgrades interaction on a profile.

Record profile interaction

Go to the relevant profile, and create profile interaction and select the Student Upgrades interaction type.

Complete the interaction form, making sure to include an action and assign it to the relevant person.


IMPORTANT: You must include an action as this is used for the export/reporting.

Report on profile actions

To report on the actions included in the profile interaction type, go to Export Data > Profile Actions.

Select the relevant profile interaction type from the dropdown, in this case the Student Upgrades option.

You can apply additional filters such as whether or not the Profile Action has been marked complete or the date of the Profile Action if you like.

Click the Data Table button to view the list of Profile Actions on the screen, or Excel to export to a spreadsheet.

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