Polls & surveys

The Surveys Module allows you to setup and publish both simple polls and more complex surveys to your website.

From the menu on the left, select Polls & Surveys.

Create a new survey by clicking the Add New Survey button.

Add in the survey details including the survey title, a description and the dates the survey is to be published to your website and when it expires.

Click Save Survey.

Adding Questions to a Survey

After you have saved the survey, click the + Add Question button that appears.

Enter the question text into the Question field

In the Answers Type dropdown select from the following options:

  • Select Single: User will be able to Select ONE item from a list (Radio Buttons)

  • Select Multiple: User will be able to Select MORE THAN ONE item from a list (select box)

  • Text Field: User will be able to enter free format text

  • Sliding Bar: User will be able to Slide a Bar to indicate their answer.

    • Minimum Value is the smallest value on the bar.

    • Maximum Value is the largest value on the bar.

    • Step Value is the value for each stop on the bar

    • For example, you could have Minimum = 1 and Maximum=100 and Step = 5. User will be able to slide to select a value in increments of 5 between 1 and 100.

In the Required field, set to Yes if it's to be a mandatory question.

Once all values for your Question have been entered select either of the following:

  • Click Save and Add New Question if you would like to add another question.

  • Click Save and Complete if you do not wish to add more questions.

If you need to edit your survey or questions at a later date you can find the relevant survey in the main surveys list and click the Actions button on the right-hand side and select Edit Survey from the dropdown.

Add the survey on your website

From the main survey list, locate the survey you wish to publish. Click the Actions button on the right hand side and select Add to Website.

In the box that appears click the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the survey code.

With the code copied, from the menu on the left select Inner Pages and locate the page you want your survey to appear on and open it.

In the Content box, paste the survey code and save the changes.


When you view the page on your website now you will see the survey ready to be completed by users.

View Survey Results

Once users have started submitting answers to your survey, you can view the results.

Go to the survey list and locate the survey you would like to see results for.

Click on Actions > Survey Results.

NOTE: the Survey Results option is only visible once survey results are available to be viewed.

The survey results will be displayed on screen.

You can expand sections of the results by clicking on the arrow icon on the right side of the screen.

Survey results can be exported to PDF by clicking the export button on the right.