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This section outlines how to manage your membership renewals once the renewal notices have been generated and sent to members.


🎥 Video tutorial: Manage renewals‚Äč

This information is applicable, regardless of whether the renewal was automatically or manually generated.

To view a list of renewals, from the menu on the left select Membership Renewals > Manage Renewals.

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In the View Membership Renewals screen select the relevant Period, then from the dropdown select the relevant Renewal Status option and click the View Renewals button.

  • Pending Renewal - displays a list of all pending renewals

  • Pending Cheque - displays a renewals awaiting confirmation of payment where the renewal was completed online and the cheque payment option was selected

  • Renewal Complete - displays a list of all completed renewals

The list of profiles is displayed on the screen.


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The search box in the top right can be used to find a specific profile, the renewal invoice number, member/profile number and name can all be used as search terms.


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Clicking the Actions button will display a list of options:

  • Edit renewal status - this allows you to manually change the status of a renewal, eg. if the member has paid by EFT, marking it as paid and the renewal complete

  • View Profile - this will open the profile in another tab or window

  • Membership certificate - view the membership certificate in a separate tab

  • Open invoice - view the renewal invoice in a separate tab

  • Manually process renewal - allows administrators to complete the renewal process on the member's behalf, including processing a credit card payment online

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Click the Export Renewals button to export a list of pending or completed renewals to Excel.


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