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The Membership Price Period governs the price charged for each Membership Type between set dates.


🎥 Video tutorial: Membership price period

For a rolling (or anniversary) Membership Type it sets what price is charged between the start and end dates of the Membership Price Period.

Where the Membership Type is cyclical, the Membership Price Period sets the price charged for each Membership Type and also sets the Paid Through Date (or expiry date) for a membership.

Create a Membership Price Period

Click on the gear icon to open the Configuration and Settings menu.

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From the menu on the left, select Membership > Membership Price Periods.

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Click the Add New Period button.

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Enter the following for the new Membership Price Period

  • Period title - make this as descriptive as possible eg 2019 Student Membership

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Price for all Membership Types - the amount entered must be exclusive of GST


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Important notes about the Membership Price Periods

Ensure there is always a current Membership Price Period

If there is no current Membership Price Period, when someone attempts to join or renew they will see an error message on the screen.

Membership Price Periods cannot overlap

The start and end dates of Membership Price Periods cannot overlap. If there are overlapping dates the system is unable to determine the correct price to charge.

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