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The partner integration with Xero records invoices (and if necessary, contacts) directly to your Xero account.


🎥 Video tutorial: Software integrations


You must have a bank account linked to your Xero account for the integration to be active.

Integration setup

Click on the gear icon to open the Configuration and Settings menu.

In the menu on the left scroll down to the Extend Membes heading.

Click on Integrations > Xero.

Click on the Connect to Xero button

You will be taken to a Xero which will ask you to confirm if Membes can access your Xero account, click the Allow Access button. You may need to login to Xero before you will see the Allow Access screen.

Set account codes and tracking categories/options

Once you have you have confirmed that Membes can access your Xero account, you will need to select the relevant Account Code and Tracking Categories/Options from the dropdown menus.

These dropdown menus appear in the Administration system wherever an invoice is created and/or payment is taken. This includes:

  • Membership Type setup

  • Events setup

  • Online Shop product setup

  • Manual invoices from a profile

Recording invoices to Xero

By default, invoices are recorded in Xero once they have been marked as paid within the Membes administration system.

To record all invoices in Xero as they are created, regardless of their payment status, check the Record Unpaid Invoices to Xero box.


If you leave the Record unpaid invoices to XERO option unchecked, then you may not be able to import them once the end of year lock date has passed.

Synchronise invoice status changes from Xero to Membes

When this option is checked, if the payment status of an invoice in Xero is updated the new payment status will be communicated back to Membes ie. if an invoice is marked paid in Xero then the payment status in Membes will also be updated.


IMPORTANT: Renewal invoices will be marked paid however the Pending Renewal will not be marked Complete. An administrator will still need to update the Renewal Status to Complete either on the member’s profile or the Manage Renewals screen.

Link to bank account

Set the appropriate bank account your invoices are linked to by selecting it from the dropdown list.

Xero contacts

As part of the default process to record an invoice a contact will be created in Xero and the contact ID will be passed back to the Membes administration system and any future invoices will be recorded against this contact ID.

This process will initially create a duplicate contact within Xero that will need to be merged, however once the first paid invoice is recorded in Xero.

It is critically important when merging contacts in Xero that you merge the old contact into the newly created contact so the contact ID is passed back to the Membes administration system. This is to ensure no further duplicate contacts are created.

Adding Xero contact ID to a Membes profile

If you would prefer, you can add the Xero contact ID directly to a profile in your Membes admin. To do this, you will need to have Xero opened in a separate tab or window.

To locate the Xero contact ID, open the relevant contact within Xero.

The Xero contact ID can be found in the URL when viewing the Xero contact, it will appear as a string of text and numbers after ".../View/". The Xero contact ID has been highlighted in the example image below.

Copy the Xero contact ID.

Locate the relevant profile in the Membes admin.

Click on Other, and select Xero Settings (Note: this will only be visible if the Xero integration is enabled).

Paste the ID you've just copied from the Xero URL into the Xero Contact ID field and press Save.


IMPORTANT: Removing or altering this ID may prevent invoices from being recorded to Xero for this profile.

The Xero Contact ID is the reference ID that maps this Profile to a Xero Contact.

If this ID is blank, this Profile is not mapped to a corresponding Xero Contact. A Xero contact will be created and mapped to this Profile when an invoice is next created for this profile. Alternatively, if you have a Contact in Xero you can map it to this Profile by pasting the Xero Contact ID into this field.

If invoices are not recording to Xero for this Membes Profile, it may be that the Xero Contact this Profile maps to (via this ID) no longer exists in Xero. If this is the case you can replace this ID with a Xero Contact ID that does exist, or just remove the ID and leave it blank and Membes will create a contact for you the next time an invoice is created for this Profile.


Manually add invoice record to Xero

An invoice record is automatically imported into Xero, however occasionally you may need to add an invoice record manually.

First, go to the profile for the invoice you need to add.

On the profile, go to Finance > Invoices and locate the relevant invoice from the list.

Click on the Edit button.

Scroll to the bottom of the editable fields, if the invoice is yet to be imported to Xero it will say "No invoice in Xero".

Click the Add to Xero button.

Once the invoice has been added to Xero, the Xero invoice ID will be displayed on the screen.

Cancellation of an invoice

Whenever an invoice is cancelled within the Membes admin, this will also void the invoice in Xero. Similarly, if an invoice is voided within Xero it will also be cancelled in Membes.

Clear Xero invoice reference

If an invoice has imported incorrectly, you can clear the Xero reference which will void the invoice in Xero. To do this, click the Clear Reference To Xero button.

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