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View and export all invoices created.


🎥 Video tutorial: View and export invoices‚Äč

From the menu pane on the left select Financials > View Invoices.

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A list of invoices will be displayed on the screen.

To filter the list by the date the invoices were created, select a From and To date and click Show Invoices. A list of invoices created within those dates will displayed on-screen.

To view an invoice click the Open button and a PDF will be open in a new tab or window.

To cancel an invoice click the yellow cross or click the grey arrow to reinstate an invoice.

An invoice can be marked paid by clicking on the pencil icon and selecting the date paid and clicking the save button.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: Membership renewals must be marked complete and the invoice as paid from the member's profile or the Manage Renewals screen.

Marking a membership renewal as paid from this screen will not mark the renewal as complete.

Export list of invoice items

To export a list of invoice items to Excel, click the Export Items button and select the appropriate option from the dropdown.

This exports a detailed list which can be used to import invoice records into Xero.


An invoice may appear on this list more than once. Each line item is exported separately as GST settings may be different for each one.

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Export list of invoices

To export a list of invoices to Excel, click the Export Invoices button and select the appropriate option from the dropdown.

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