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Potential duplicate profiles will be flagged by the system for an administrator to review, and if necessary, merge the duplicate profiles.


Video tutorial: Managing duplicate profiles

Duplicates can occur for many reasons which can be problematic for both the member and association. These can include:

  • Create new profile

  • Edit Profile

  • Member edit profile

  • Event registration

  • Joining

In the menu on the left, click Profiles > Duplicate Management.

If any duplicates are flagged they will automatically appear in the list. You can view the profile by clicking the dropdown arrow, View Profile. The profile will open in a new tab or window.

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Confirm the profile is a duplicate by checking key contact information like email and mobile number.

If you confirm the profile is a duplicate, click the dropdown arrow and select Merge this Profile with Possible Duplicate on Right/Left. When 2 profiles are merged, Event Registrations, Forum Postings, Profile Events and Invoices will be merged from the source profile to the destination profile. All other data will be lost from the Source Profile.

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It is best practice to merge a newly created profile into an existing one, this ensures the profile history is maintained. However when merging into an existing profile check to make sure you've copied over the most current contact and membership details from the newly created profile.

Once the profiles are merged a confirmation will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How does Membes check for duplicates?

Whenever a profile is created or updated, the system will check for any duplicates based on:

  • Email 1

  • Mobile number

If a match is found it will flag as a possible duplicate.

When doesn't Membes check for duplicates?

Profiles that are IMPORTED are not checked for duplicates.

If there is a duplicate that was imported it can be flagged (and added to the list of duplicates for merging) by:

  • Accessing one of the profiles

  • Updating the email address to be the same as other profile

Membes will provide an alert if a possible duplicate is found when the details are updated or created via an administrator.


IMPORTANT: Where associations have over 200 flagged duplicate profiles, these will automatically be deleted due to the impact on server resources, which in turn impacts the user experience of other customers.

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