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The Resource Library module allows you to create a library of reference documents for your members.

Email This is an optional module and is charged in addition to your licence fee. Please log a ticket in the Help Desk if you’d like to enable this module.

Create your resource library

From the menu on the left select Resource Library.

NOTE: You won’t see this menu option unless you’ve enabled the Resource Library module.

Click the New Library button.

Give your Resource Library a name.

Now you can create your search fields.

In the name field, enter the label for your search field.

Click the Type and select the relevant field type from the dropdown.

If you’re using the Selection or Multiple Select field options then you will also need to create the Field Options. Enter the relevant details into the Option field.

Once you’ve created all of the search fields, click Save.

Configure your library

If you need to update the library name or edit the search fields at any point, you can click on the Configure button to update these.

Manage Resources

To add items to your library, click the Manage Resources button.

To create an item, click the New Resource button.

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In the Resource Detail screen, enter the title of the resource, a brief description and click the Browse button to upload the file from your computer.

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In the Search Detail section, select the relevant search fields that you configured in the library setup.

In the Permission section, you can allocate access permissions for each resource to individual member types.

  • Search Result - the user will see the resource on the list of search results but will be unable to open it.

  • Full Access - the user will be able to open the resource file to view it.

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Click the Save button.

Add the Resource Library to your website

From the list of Resource Libraries, click Configure for the library you want added to the website.

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Click on the Add to Website button

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Click the Copy to Clipboard button.

Locate the page you want to add the Resource Library to via CMS > Manage Pages > Inner Pages.

In the Page Content area, paste the Resource Library code and save the page.

Using the Resource Library

Go to the page on your where you’ve added the Resource Library.

Enter your search terms or filters and click the Search button.

The search results will be listed on the screen, users can click the link to open the relevant file.

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