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On occasion you may wish to remove unwanted profiles from your system, this can be accomplished using the Merge / Delete Profiles function.

As there is a substantial amount of information associated with each profile (ie invoices, communications etc) they don’t get completely deleted from the system, rather you merge the profile you want to remove into another one. You may wish to create a “dummy” profile that you use to merge the unwanted profiles into.

In this example, we are going to merge Test Profile into Sample Profile to remove Test Profile from the system.

Go to the profile you wish to remove, in this case Test Profile.

Click on Other > Merge / Delete Profile.

In the Merge This Profile Into box, enter the search time, it could be the name, email address or member number. In this example we’re entering the name Sample Profile.

Select the relevant profile from the list.

Click on the Merge button to complete the process.

Once the merge process is complete, you will be taken to the profile you’re merging into - in this Sample Profile.

Test Profile has now been removed from the system and the information merged into Sample Profile.


IMPORTANT: Merging this profile into another profile will DELETE this profile. Once deleted it cannot be retrieved.

On merge, the following information will be moved from the source profile to the destination profile.

  • Invoices

  • Profile Group inclusions

  • Forum topic subscriptions

  • Forum replies

  • CPD activity logs

  • Profile Directory inclusions

  • Membership renewal records

  • Membership applications

  • Profile interactions

  • Event registrations

All other information linked to this profile will be lost and cannot be retrieved.

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