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The generation of membership renewals and renewal email notifications can be completely automated to minimise the amount of administration time required. The system will send email notifications to all profiles pending membership renewal at the intervals you set.

The first step is to calculate the total number of membership renewals you will need to process. If it is over 1,000 renewals across all of your membership types then you will need to generate the pending renewals and renewal invoices before the email notifications are scheduled to send.

Generate pending renewals

Manually generating the renewals is done by Membership Type, to do this go to Membership Renewals > Generate Renewal.

Renewal notices are created by Membership Type. Select the relevant Period and Membership Type, click Process/View Renewals.


This process will generate a renewal invoice and notice for ALL profiles that meet the following criteria:

  • Membership Status is Active

  • Do not currently have a completed renewal for the selected Period

  • Paid Through Date is before the selected Periods End Date

Once the renewals have processed, you will be taken to the notification page. At the bottom of the page, you will see a list of profiles that have had a renewal generated should you need to cross-check them.

We want to automate the notification emails, so there’s no need to add in any text on the notification screen.

If everything looks to be in order, then go back to the Generate Renewals screen by selecting Membership Renewals > Generate Renewal on the left hand menu again and generate the renewals for the next Membership Type.

Create renewal notification emails

You can send up to 6 separate notification emails for the membership renewals. These are created in the Email Signatures and you can view instructions on how to create them in the User Guide.

Set renewal email intervals

The renewal notification intervals are set individually for each Membership Type, detailed instructions are available in the User Guide.

In the Membership Type, go to the Renewal Notices tab.

To select the email you wish to send for each notice, click in the dropdown and select the relevant email signature.

Now set the timeframe by entering the number of days into the Offset field. The email reminders are scheduled based on the member's Paid Through date. To email a reminder to a member a month before they're their membership expires, enter -28 into the Offset field. Some commonly used timeframes are as follows:

  • -28 days - reminder email sent a month prior to Paid Through Date

  • -14 days - reminder email sent 2 weeks prior to Paid Through Date

  • 0 days - reminder email sent the day the membership expires

  • 14 days - reminder email sent 2 weeks after Paid Through Date

  • 28 days - reminder email sent a month after Paid Through Date

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Turn on automated renewals

Now that you’ve selected the relevant renewal notices and the timeframes at which you want them to be sent, click the switch for Auto Generate Renewal Notices to turn them on.

Email reminders will be sent automatically overnight to any profiles with a pending renewal. Once a renewal has been completed and paid, the member will no longer receive reminder emails.

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